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mackeeper coupon codeDo you love your Mac and want it to run at its absolute best?  We all like to have a computer that is running in tiptop shape without being sluggish, and that’s where ZeoBit MacKeeper comes in. ZeoBit MacKeeper —  or MacKeeper — is a tool for your Mac that you won’t want to be without.

MacKeeper will help you organize the essential tasks you need your Mac to perform to keep it running smoothly, securely, and quickly.

ZeoBit MacKeeper features Internet security that will protect your Mac computer from Internet fraud through credit card fraud, identity theft, email spoofing and phishing. MacKeeper also includes a leading Mac OS engine antivirus for extra security. If you are worried about your Mac being stolen, rest easy. MacKeeper includes anti-theft protection that includes an iSight photo taken of the thief when a report is generated and a current geographical position for your Mac based upon details from Wi-Fi and networks.

mackeeper coupon code

For data control functions, MacKeeper offers everything you need. There is a data encryptor that will keep your files private and protect your passwords. You can schedule backup of your files onto external storage to ensure your files are safe. File recovery function allows you to scan your hard drive for deleted files that you may wish to retrieve and you are also able to completely destroy any files you want deleted from your computer.

The cleaning features of MacKeeper will help keep your Mac running in great shape. You can see the size of files on your computer as well as check for duplicate files. Clean your Mac quickly to remove junk files from your hard drive using a binaries cutter, a languages cutter, a cache cleaner, and a logs cleaner. MacKeeper also features a smart installer that allows you to uninstall programs, widgets, applications, and plugins while leaving no junk behind. MacKeeper also features a files find that will help you find whatever you are looking for on your Mac.

MacKeeper will help optimize your Mac to speed up login time, update apps, and choose default apps.

When you choose the ZeoBit MacKeeper, you will receive technical support and assistance through Geek on Demand. Geek on Demand can help you with expert assistance for whatever you need. Geek on Demand can help you with assistance for most Mac products and can provide phone assistance as well as configuration of your Mac through remote access.

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