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istockphoto couponsStudies have shown that people are more attracted to posts and websites with images and photos. A great, eye-catching photo on your blog post automatically means more people will be likely to click on it and view it. So it’s easy to see then that more website owners are using photographs with their posts and pages.

However, it’s just as important to make sure you are using photos that you have permissions to use and not just lifting them off of Google. This is why stock photography is so important. It allows you to find professional-quality photos that meet your needs that you have permission to use.

Here are some reasons stock photos help increase site traffic:

  1. It adds more visual appeal. A big block of text is harder to read on a computer screen than it is in a book. It hurts the eyes. This is why readers are naturally more drawn to pages with some type of image on them.
  2. It livens up the page. A page or post with a photo or two on it will make everything appear more exciting, open and welcoming. It’s like adding a bouquet of flowers to a waiting room. It takes some of the cold, formality out of it.
  3. It adds to the topic. A great photo can be a big accent to the topic you are discussing. Sometimes it helps present the facts more clearly or provides supporting documentation to what you’re writing about.

istockphoto couponsThe problem with stock photography is that it can get very expensive, especially if you post a lot of content is that it can get very expensive. Buying in bulk will help you save (the more you buy at once, the more you can save) and using coupons will also help you save on your stock photos.

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