Voting Feature for Coupons Disabled

Dear CouponPaste Couponers,

We have temporarily disabled our voting feature for all coupons as several abusive visitors have been purposely down voting reliable coupons and getting them listed as unreliable. As a result, our developers are working very hard behind to scenes to combat these negative voting activities with a new bulletproof coupons voting system. Rest assured that all coupons listed under “Reliable Coupons” are 100% working as they are manually verified by our coupons team. However, if you do find any coupons that are not working make sure report them by clicking on “Report a Problem” link listed below the coupon and submit the report us. Once we receive the report our coupons team will investigate and resolve the issue immediately.

Thank you for your patience it means a lot to us 🙂

Yours Truly,

Jennifer Stone
Chief Couponer