Stealth Genie Provides Best Monitoring Results And Coupon Can Help You To Save

Stealth Genie is the leading market monitoring app that helps you to monitor the activities of your kids and employees straightaway. Many of you must be wondering about how you would know if your kids are looking at some inapt content on the internet or talking to some stranger. Same goes for employees. You never know that whether your employees are working or wasting crucial office hours. In such case you are left with only one solution. Make Stealth Genie part of your life and say good bye to all your worries.

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Stealth Genie has earned the trust of 100,000 users and a reputation of reliability with its 24/7 customer support. Now you can get this top monitoring software from coupons available at at 10% discount. Coupons are offering you big savings on your money.

Why you should choose Stealth Genie among other monitoring app? The answer is simple; it is giving you exclusive monitoring features that are discreet and undetectable. Here are some good reasons that can compel you to go for it.


Compatibility is one of the best parts that would encourage you to choose this app.  You would be happy when you will know that it is compatible with all versions of iOS 4, iOS 5, iOS 6 and iOS 7, fully supports on all Blackberry models running on Blackberry OS 5.0 and above and all Android phones.

Exclusive Features

When it comes to features, then range provided by Stealth Genie is wide spread. Once it is installed in the target phone you can monitor target phone remotely via one control panel. You can spy on

  • Call logs
  • Instant messengers (WhatsApp chats, Viber Chats, BBM chats, Skye Chats, Pin Message)
  • Current location
  • GPS Location history
  • Multimedia files
  • Internet Activities
  • Appointment Schedules
  • Tasks Logs
  • Emails

These are the basic ones. You can also record phone calls and can listen to live surroundings. Moreover, if you want yourself to get notified in case your kids use suspicious words, you can use suspicious words alert feature. Its Geo fencing feature is one of the milestones that allows you to mark a particular area in restrictions and if the target phone enters in that area you will get instant alerts both via SMS and email.

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Great Customer Service and Affordability

It provides 24/7 customer support, free of cost. In case of any issue you can contact their knowledgeable and friendly associates who are dedicated to provide support and guidelines to its users. You can get your query sorted out within minutes.

Furthermore, you can view their website to see the awesome packages available starting from as low as $8 per month. The price that they offer is quite reasonable as long as you know the features are outclassed.

Get your Coupon to Save Your Money

After going through it you’d dash to install it. Before you are going for it, don’t forget to get your coupons from that can provide you discount up to 10%.

We are dedicated to provide you the best market products at discounted rates. Before you visit them, look at Stealth Genie Coupon Code store to grasp your coupon.

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WP Engine WordPress Hosting Review

Nothing is more important to your website than a great, reliable hosting company. Without it, your site will not be available for viewers to enjoy and appreciate. But when it comes to hosting, not all companies are created equal and that’s a lesson a lot of people learn the hard way.

While we’ve seen our fair share of less-than-dependable hosting companies, we also know how to spot the great ones. WP Engine will make you stop and think twice.

As always we were a bit leery in the beginning, after all how great can a hosting company be that only handles one kind of site? Well, apparently exclusivity is the key to success when it comes to hosting platforms. We’ve never been happier with a host than we are with WP Engine.

Founded by Aaron Brazell and Jason Cohen in July 2010, WP Engine is an excellent hosting company headquartered in Austin, Texas with one main goal: to focus on the most common issues with WordPress sites.

Security, speed and scalability are common problems that WordPress users face with their sites. Still, you cannot beat all the benefits of having WordPress as a CMS. So here’s a hosting company dedicated to helping you get the best of both worlds.

Let’s explore a little more…

WordPress Only!

That’s right. The founders of WP Engine have chosen to work exclusively with WordPress sites so that they can do an excellent job when it comes to providing customer service. Each and every employee is a WordPress expert so when you call in you get someone who is able to help you with your specific issue.

It’s all about finding one thing you’re good at and sticking with it and for these guys, that thing is WordPress. As you may already know if you use WordPress for your website, there are many problems and issues that are unique to WordPress only. Issues of faster load times, comment spam and theme malfunctions are different on WP sites than they would be on sites built on other platforms or hand-coded. So it’s great to work with a hosting company that is devoted to your specific type of site.

Speed Matters!

Offering a much faster load time and 100% site uptime record with their reliable hosting server, WP Engine covers the main challenges that most webmasters face right off the bat. What good is your site if it’s offline or takes forever to load? The average Internet user has a super short attention span and is also often worried that a slow loading site may be some sort of spyware. Make sure your visitors get the best experience possible by choosing a hosting platform which gives you super fast load time and no down time!

Why is speed such an issue? Besides the fact that slow loading pages can turn away visitors did you know the Google incorporates your page load time into your search engine ranking? The faster your load the better your sit will perform.

Technical Benefits

The next issue is often the technical aspect of migrating the site to the hosting platform. WP Engine is there to make this easy for you. Not only can you do it yourself, but you can get an assisted migration to make sure that your site is moved quickly and easily with little to no down time! For those who have great sites but not a lot of technical shrewdness, assisted migration is a huge benefit! Having a WordPress professional handle your migration, plugins and security is wonderful, and you know that it will be done right!


But what about security? Not to worry, WP Engine has you covered there, too. The multiple security walls, hardware-base intrusion detection, limited user access and automatically updated WordPress security patches protect you. In the event that you do ever get hacked, WP Engine also has a hacker cleanup guarantee! That’s a load of worry off your mind; it was definitely a huge selling point with us.

The Cost Factor

The price point of WP Engine was a concern at first. If you’re new to blogging and don’t have a huge following or an active site then you may not be as concerned with speed, security and scalability from your hosting service. But once you’ve outgrown the startup phase, it’s time to look at what it is worth to make sure you site is up and fast, secure and ready for traffic.

It has been rumored that WP Engine is about 30% more expensive than other hosting platforms. But what you gain in speed and traffic more than makes up for it. If you are a business or doing any online marketing then you know that people want your site to load quickly, offer secure browsing and to never be unavailable. The cost is well worth it! WP Engine can even help you try out the service.

WP Engine Offers


Overall, having a WordPress only host has proven to be beneficial in many areas of our Internet business. The safety and security is handled by professionals and we don’t have to worry ourselves with the details. The speed and reliability of our site has increased exponentially and thus so has our traffic. Because we know that we are on a strong and steady platform we are more willing to take steps that will boost our traffic to levels that previously would have caused a server meltdown!

If you’re thinking about moving your WordPress site to another hosting platform or starting a new WordPress site, you won’t be disappointed with WP Engine; they can handle anything you throw at them; as long as it is WordPress!

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