Save Money on REI Outdoor Equipment and Apparel with Coupons

REI CouponsREI is one of the top companies in the nation that sells outdoor equipment and you can save money on all their products by visiting before you shop. You can shop at the REI online store or visit one of the many retail stores located throughout the nation to view and purchase their products in person.

You also have the option of placing an order by phone or you can use their convenient mail-order services. Regardless of which option you choose, you can expect to receive the same excellent service, quality products and 100% satisfaction guarantee. REI has grown to become one of the largest cooperative businesses in the nation and they continue to grow due to the excellent service and quality products they offer.

REI Products

REI offers all types of outdoor equipment and gear used for camping, hiking, cycling, snowboarding and so much more. Many of the products they sell are designed by the top manufacturers in the nation. However, they also design their own line of outdoor gear and apparel that offers excellent quality, performance and style along with a variety of Novara brand bikes designed for fun and for those devoted to cycling.

REI Membership

While you don’t have to become a member to shop at REI, it does have its benefits. For a mere $20, you can have a lifetime membership at REI. This entitles you to a portion of the profits earned each year, which is based on a percentage of the eligible purchases you make. Other benefits include an annual refund for eligible purchases that is usually about 10%, along with an REI visa card and a variety of member discounts and special deals.

REI Offers More than Products

In addition to the excellent customer service and quality products REI offers expert advice, too. When visiting the online stores, check out some of the informative articles and videos designed to provide visitors with tips and advice that can help make your outdoor activities more exciting and safer. You can also share your videos, stories, suggestions and photos with others through their site.

Are you interested in learning more about a specific outdoor activity but you’re not sure how to get started? REI offers both in-store and online educational classes to help newbies get started and to provide tips and advice to help you advance the skills you already have.

Save with

The only thing better than purchasing quality merchandise for all your outdoor needs is saving money on the products that you buy and that is where comes in. Just drop by the REI Coupon Code Store before you shop and pick out the coupons that suit your needs the best. We’re here 24/7 to help you save money on all your REI purchases!